Launching Asia’s first-ever selfie banking

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Union Bank of the Philippines wanted to launch and draw significant interest to the EON, a revolutionary banking product that introduced the selfie banking to Filipinos. To do this an event was prepared to do the following:

  1. To introduce UnionBank’s EON, Asia’s first ever selfie banking, to the customers and the media
  2. To leverage on the social media following of the guests to spread the word about the EON



To launch UnionBank’s EON, the Bank and the Agency conceptualized a special event especially made for the EON customers, board of creators, the media, and partners from the Department of Information and Communications Technology, as well as Technical Education and Skills Development Authority.

Before the event

To drum up excitement for the launch, the Agency arranged an interview for UnionBank Senior Vice President and EON Head Advocate Paolo Baltao. The interview at ANC’s Future Perfect hosted by Tony Velasquez was aired on April 5, 2017 and replayed on April 6, 8 and 9.


Two weeks before the event, the Agency arranged an AVP shoot for Baltao and UnionBank President and Chief Operating Officer Edwin Bautista to showcase the story of EON.

During the Event

This story of co-creation and EON’s game-changing technology were highlighted through the activities in the eventheld at Valkyrie at the Palace in Bonifacio Global City.

The Bank and the Agency made sure that the guests experience how innovative the new EON is through the before and during the program proper.

Upon arriving, the guests were ushered to interactive booths like:


  1. EON Experience Booth to showcase a demo of the EON website and the mobile app.
  2. Mirror Selfie Photobooth to highlight one of EON’s unique features which is logging in through facial recognition, or “selfie banking.”
  3. VR Booth to further highlight the one-of-a-kind digital journey that customers are in for with the new EON account. During the program proper, EON was introduced through the AVP featuring Baltao and Bautista talking about how EON developed.
  4. Then Tony Velasquez hosted a discussion onstage with Paolo Baltao and selected members of the board of creators about EON’s story and its innovations.


Topics discussed were:

  1. How the bank gathered its customers and took their suggestions in developing the product.
  2. How EON addressed the challenges that online freelancers and business owners face.
  3. “Selfie Banking,” the technology behind it and the rationale.
  4. The importance of user interface in banking apps.
  5. EON Starter Kits’ availability in convenience stores and online shops.

After the discussion, the guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner. Then, event host Gelli Victor moderated an auction for premier gadgets like Nintendo Switch, drone and a camera. Guests used the points they get from visiting the booths and posting on about the event on social media to bid for the items in the auction.

The Agency also distributed USB Cards that look like an EON card containing the press release, and EON starter kits before the guests leave.


After the event

The agency dispatched articles about EON highlighting the ‘selfie banking’ angle to further spread the word about this financial technology breakthrough.



  1. ‘EON: Co-creating the Future’ was attended by 142 people which includes the Board of Creators, industry partners, and the media.
  2. ANC Future Perfect interview:
  1. Published releases: 
  1. EON’s Facebook Page Likes increased 100% after the event. From around 2,000 likes, the likes went up to 4,000 just two weeks after the event. Due to the mechanics of the auction that encouraged the guests to post about the event and tag EON’s Facebook page.

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Create an internal campaign to change mindsets, do a major launch event to include external audiences, produce an AVP to showcase past properties, give a glimpse of future plans and introduce the paradigm shift.

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