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To highlight PHINMA Corporation’s milestones in their six-decade journey, the corporation and its PR agency, Grupo Agatep, conceptualized and produced a world-class Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) that documented the company’s 60th anniversary activities. This AVP aimed to project PHINMA as a Filipino conglomerate that is committed to make lives better.



After much thought and planning, PHINMA decided that an AVP would be the most effective tool to highlight their milestone during the past 6 decades since it can provide the attendees an extensive view of the history of the corporation, its mission, and its path for the future.

With Grupo Agatep, PHINMA developed a concept that best captured what their corporation stood for: the Concept of Light, and wrote a compelling script that best conveyed PHINMA’s dedication to work and service. Series of photos were also included in the AVP. The presentation accentuated PHINMA’s creed, “Social responsibility is our business, our business is our social responsibility.”


The AVP transported the viewers to the early days of the company to:




The PR Objectives in producing a world-class, award-winning Audio-Visual Presentation were exceedingly met.

  1. The production of the AVP was completed in record time and was launched during the “PHINMA with Friends” 60th Anniversary celebration at the Senate Hall, National Museum.
  1. By launching the AVP, the guests and attendees were provided with an extensive view of PHINMA and its path towards the future. The AVP became a powerful tool to convey to the guests the PHINMA message of hope and its dedication to provide vital services to the Filipino people.
  1. The PHINMA executives were truly pleased with how the AVP was effectively crafted. Likewise, the attendees of “PHINMA with Friends” gave it a positive feedback. They said the AVP showed how PHINMA works for nation-building and making lives better.
  1. More than 500 people attended the AVP launching, including many prominent individuals from various sectors: government officials and other industry leaders together with PHINMA executives.
  1. The world-class AVP was shown to all 3,000 PHINMA employees. Through the AVP, PHINMA employees were motivated and inspired to see how the corporation grew from the ground up. The employees of the Conglomerate said that they are excited about its future and are looking forward to join charitable activities planned by it.

The AHMC 2016 Annual Report: Promoting Inclusivity for its Shareholders

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JCI Photo

The challenge was how to communicate through an Innovative 2016 Annual Report both the superb financial performance of the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, as well as its inspiring narratives of triumphs across all medical disciplines. AHMC, with Grupo Agatep, Inc. took on this challenge within the period of December 2016 to April 2017, along with its aim to produce at least 90 copies of the 2016 AHMC annual report before the annual shareholders’ meeting in April 2017. The Annual Report was intended to help keep the Asian Hospital brand “forever burning” and establish a pathway to continuing excellence for the future.




Within the short time frame, prompt yet deliberate processes, such as brainstorming meetings, research, interviews, and approvals were undergone for the overall content and design of the annual report. We divided the annual report into seven topic sections: Messages, Value, Innovation, Experience, Patient Outcomes, Financials, and Index.

The annual report team tried to balance formality and visual impact report in the lay outing process, which was quite a challenge. After several revisions, they produced a visually appealing publication that still embodies the formality of a corporate report. The annual report went through a final round of reviews by the editorial and creative staff of the Agency and the concerned hospital executives.

When everything was reviewed and revised accordingly, the team proceeded to print the annual report: 21cms x 30 cms dimension, on 180 lbs foldcote, C2S paper for inside pages, slightly thicker for the covers, full color matte printing.

Finally, by the middle of April, the agency delivered the hard copies of the annual report for distribution, just in time for the annual meeting of the AHMC shareholders.




As can be seen, we achieved all our objectives:

LANDCO Redefined

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Objective: To launch the rebranding of real estate developer Landco through an AVP that aimed to share to the public the company’s newer and fresher tone and highlight Landco’s leadership role in the local real-estate industry.


Execution: The agency conceptualized and produced an AVP with Landco’s new logo and revealed it at Landco’s rebrand launch event where stakeholders and employees enjoyed an all-white party at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

The AVP showcased Landco’s legacy and the best of all its properties have to offer but in a newer, fresher, and younger vibe.

Agency came up with a storyboard that showcased everything that Landco has to offer. To further build on this new tone, the video was accentuated with snippets that showed the advantage of living in a Landco property.


Results: The AVP was well received during the launch event and was also consequently shown during their pocket trade and sales events/activities. Feedback received from Landco employees and stakeholders were overwhelmingly positive. They said that the video succeeded in  exciting them about their company’s rebranding. Through the AVP, we were also able to achieve the goal of modernizing and updating the image of Landco to the public (as supported by feedback received from Landco guests who attended the event as well as from prospective buyers who saw the AVP through the succeeding activities)

The entire Landco rebranding efforts received a total of 215,373.4 in ad value and 1,758,362.8 in PR value.


PHINMA FOR 60 IMC Campaign

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Objective: PHINMA Corporation, a Filipino conglomerate marks 60 years of making lives better. To celebrate this feat, the company held a string of events that aimed to honor and engage the members of PHINMA’s community, its partners, and key influencers with the purpose of underlining PHINMA’s resolve to continue uplifting the lives of the Filipino community for years to come. This was all done to creating awareness for this significant milestone for the company.

PHINMA for 60 Omnibus Print Ad & Poster artwork

Execution: This anniversary celebrations were held and implemented across various channels:

The agency supported the year-long celebration of PHINMA by creating relevant news releases and through conducting media outreach. Aside from this, several ads and creative materials were designed by the agency. Some of the most notable contributions by the agency are the following:

PHINMA Forums Print Ad


As of April 10, 2017, the success of the marketing campaign was able to earn a total of 3,222,314.68 in ad values and 23,794,284.25 in PR value for the entire PHINMA 60th anniversary. The kick-off celebration, “PHINMA Reaches Out” even earned a Gold Anvil Award at the recent awarding ceremony for this year.