#MyAsianStory: Inspiring narratives of triumphs in hospital care

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With its prestige and laurels accumulated in medical care through the years, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Inc. (AHMC) was bent to establish a pathway to continuing excellence for the future. With Grupo Agatep, AHMC developed an Integrated Marketing Communications campaign entitled “#MyAsianStory: Inspiring narratives of triumphs in hospital care”. Within the three-year period from 2015 to 2017, the campaign aimed to:


  1. Project AHMC as the industry benchmark in hospital and healthcare services;
  2. Create maximum awareness that AHMC provides excellent services in the four (4) Core Standards, i.e. Patient and Family Rights, Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Medication Management and Use, and Management of Information;
  3. Build loyalty among AHMC patients and patrons.








We easily SURPASSED all our PR objectives during the sustained period of 2015 to 2017.

  1. We were awarded the prestigious Joint Commission International Accreditation, the highest recognition award for Hospitals in the world.
  2. From the previous outstanding score of 9.79 and perfect scores on two Core Standards, i.e. Anesthesia and Surgical Care, and Patient and Family rights, the BEST became BETTER the next year, by achieving a higher score of 9.85 with Perfect Scores on Four Core Standards, namely Patient and Family rights, Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Medication Management and Use and Management of Information.
  3. As officially recorded in AHMC’s 2016 Annual Report, over the period 2011 to 2016, the GROSS REVENUES of AHMC grew from P2 billion and .016 million to P2 billion and 890 million while CORE NET PROFITS AFTER TAX almost doubled, from P197 million to P379 million.



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Undeniably, travel within the Metro is time-consuming especially during rush hour that many Filipinos considered commuting the worst part of their day. To address this challenge, Cartoon Network and Grab PH, with the aid of Grupo Agatep, launched the CNxGrabshare campaign with the goal of making commuting bearable, fun, and less stressful for commuters, and creating content that is highly shareable on social media to ensure that the campaign is visible to its target audience.



Prior to the start of the campaign, the proponents decorated the exteriors of numerous Grab cars based on characters from three of the most popular Cartoon Network shows: The Powerpuff Girls, Adventure Time, and We Bare Bears. Plushies for picture and video-taking and tablet computers for leisure were installed in cars.

Moreover, at a given time, one of the themed cars carried a promodizer that asked the rider questions related to Cartoon Network and Grab. Freebies were also given to passengers who answered the questions correctly.

To generate publicity, local online influencers were tapped to post content about the campaign on their social media pages. Press releases were also dispatched to selected traditional and online media outlets. In addition, notifications about the campaign were also sent to Grab users’ accounts.


To start the campaign, the themed cars were sent to the influencers’ respective pickup points as agreed upon. During their trips, the riders posted content featuring the freebies they were able to take home after their ride, and photos and videos of themselves on their accounts posing with the plushies and enjoying content on the tablet computers assigned to their respective rides.



The goals of the campaign were achieved as shown by the accomplishments listed below:

  1. The campaign received positive responses on social media from themed car riders.
  1. Favorable responses went viral on social media. All posts related to the campaign contributed to an estimated 50,000 in organic impressions and an estimated 31,000 in likes by the end of the campaign.
  1. Cartoon Network was successfully able to tap into the audience of Grab, and vice versa, which allowed both to increase brand loyalty and endearment among their respective markets, in turn opening up more possibilities for similar kinds of partnerships.
  1. The success of the campaign and how it exceeded the proponents’ expectations have also led to both Turner and Grab making plans to replicate it in other markets both are present in.



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Launch new BETADINE Throat Spray with a bang, highlighting its advantages over competition without cannibalizing BETADINE Oral Gargle’s market share.


Establish strong brand relevance among its target by using a familiar story plot with a controversial twist, and strengthen product credibility with a hard-hitting selling freight.


Since the campaign was launched, sales rose by 200% while sales orders continued to steadily increase.






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