The AHMC 2016 Annual Report: Promoting Inclusivity for its Shareholders

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The challenge was how to communicate through an Innovative 2016 Annual Report both the superb financial performance of the Asian Hospital and Medical Center, as well as its inspiring narratives of triumphs across all medical disciplines. AHMC, with Grupo Agatep, Inc. took on this challenge within the period of December 2016 to April 2017, along with its aim to produce at least 90 copies of the 2016 AHMC annual report before the annual shareholders’ meeting in April 2017. The Annual Report was intended to help keep the Asian Hospital brand “forever burning” and establish a pathway to continuing excellence for the future.




Within the short time frame, prompt yet deliberate processes, such as brainstorming meetings, research, interviews, and approvals were undergone for the overall content and design of the annual report. We divided the annual report into seven topic sections: Messages, Value, Innovation, Experience, Patient Outcomes, Financials, and Index.

The annual report team tried to balance formality and visual impact report in the lay outing process, which was quite a challenge. After several revisions, they produced a visually appealing publication that still embodies the formality of a corporate report. The annual report went through a final round of reviews by the editorial and creative staff of the Agency and the concerned hospital executives.

When everything was reviewed and revised accordingly, the team proceeded to print the annual report: 21cms x 30 cms dimension, on 180 lbs foldcote, C2S paper for inside pages, slightly thicker for the covers, full color matte printing.

Finally, by the middle of April, the agency delivered the hard copies of the annual report for distribution, just in time for the annual meeting of the AHMC shareholders.




As can be seen, we achieved all our objectives:

  • We produced more than 100 copies of the AHMC Annual Report by mid-April 2017 and distributed these during the AHMC Stockholders’ Meeting.
  • Most of the stockholders commented that the annual report was “beautiful” in design and world-class and straightforward in content.  
  • The AHMC board of directors, associate directors and senior manages praised the creative presentation of the annual report. They said it made them “feel proud to be associated with AHMC”.
  • Several business reporters from mainstream media requested for a copy of the annual report for their year-end stories.

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