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To highlight PHINMA Corporation’s milestones in their six-decade journey, the corporation and its PR agency, Grupo Agatep, conceptualized and produced a world-class Audio-Visual Presentation (AVP) that documented the company’s 60th anniversary activities. This AVP aimed to project PHINMA as a Filipino conglomerate that is committed to make lives better.



After much thought and planning, PHINMA decided that an AVP would be the most effective tool to highlight their milestone during the past 6 decades since it can provide the attendees an extensive view of the history of the corporation, its mission, and its path for the future.

With Grupo Agatep, PHINMA developed a concept that best captured what their corporation stood for: the Concept of Light, and wrote a compelling script that best conveyed PHINMA’s dedication to work and service. Series of photos were also included in the AVP. The presentation accentuated PHINMA’s creed, “Social responsibility is our business, our business is our social responsibility.”


The AVP transported the viewers to the early days of the company to:

  • establish how it grew as a company and a titan of Philippine industry, and
  • show how PHINMA provides employment to many skilled and talented Filipinos and gives quality yet  affordable products and services in energy, education, steel building systems, housing, hospitality, and consulting.




The PR Objectives in producing a world-class, award-winning Audio-Visual Presentation were exceedingly met.

  1. The production of the AVP was completed in record time and was launched during the “PHINMA with Friends” 60th Anniversary celebration at the Senate Hall, National Museum.
  1. By launching the AVP, the guests and attendees were provided with an extensive view of PHINMA and its path towards the future. The AVP became a powerful tool to convey to the guests the PHINMA message of hope and its dedication to provide vital services to the Filipino people.
  1. The PHINMA executives were truly pleased with how the AVP was effectively crafted. Likewise, the attendees of “PHINMA with Friends” gave it a positive feedback. They said the AVP showed how PHINMA works for nation-building and making lives better.
  1. More than 500 people attended the AVP launching, including many prominent individuals from various sectors: government officials and other industry leaders together with PHINMA executives.
  1. The world-class AVP was shown to all 3,000 PHINMA employees. Through the AVP, PHINMA employees were motivated and inspired to see how the corporation grew from the ground up. The employees of the Conglomerate said that they are excited about its future and are looking forward to join charitable activities planned by it.

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