#MyAsianStory: Inspiring narratives of triumphs in hospital care

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With its prestige and laurels accumulated in medical care through the years, Asian Hospital and Medical Center, Inc. (AHMC) was bent to establish a pathway to continuing excellence for the future. With Grupo Agatep, AHMC developed an Integrated Marketing Communications campaign entitled “#MyAsianStory: Inspiring narratives of triumphs in hospital care”. Within the three-year period from 2015 to 2017, the campaign aimed to:


  1. Project AHMC as the industry benchmark in hospital and healthcare services;
  2. Create maximum awareness that AHMC provides excellent services in the four (4) Core Standards, i.e. Patient and Family Rights, Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Medication Management and Use, and Management of Information;
  3. Build loyalty among AHMC patients and patrons.





  • We wrote down the overall strategy we used to achieve our goals, summed up as The Three Pillars of AHMC’s Success, namely, VALUE, INNOVATION, EXPERIENCE, which drove us to achieve remarkable Team Citations, Patient Outcomes, and Positive Financials.
  • We launched our IMC campaign of “My Asian Story”, through three Audio Visual productions (AVPs), two strategically placed out-of-home billboards and a series of lamppost banners, impressive collaterals including our 2016 AHMC Annual Report, and various mini-boards installed within our hospital premises. These communication vehicles carried heart-rending messages of successful hospital experiences, from the point of view of THE PATIENTS, the EMPLOYEES, the attending DOCTORS, and other STAKEHOLDERS who have gone through a fulfilling EXPERIENCE at the Asian Hospital and Medical Center.
  • We have uploaded our three AVP’s (videos) into the AHMC website; they have been shown to attendees of medical doctors’ conferences.
  • We had set up two giant billboards: one along the busy SLEX SunValley expressway where more than 166,000 passenger vehicles pass by every day, and one along SLEX San Pedro Panuelos where the average vehicular traffic is recorded to be 297,105 vehicles per day, with vehicles coming from Southern Luzon headed into Metro Manila.
  • We had set up 15 units of MCX Lamppost Banners along SLEX going to Daang Hari, Vista City, Muntinlupa, Cavite and vice versa with a recorded vehicular traffic of 30,000 daily.




We easily SURPASSED all our PR objectives during the sustained period of 2015 to 2017.

  1. We were awarded the prestigious Joint Commission International Accreditation, the highest recognition award for Hospitals in the world.
  2. From the previous outstanding score of 9.79 and perfect scores on two Core Standards, i.e. Anesthesia and Surgical Care, and Patient and Family rights, the BEST became BETTER the next year, by achieving a higher score of 9.85 with Perfect Scores on Four Core Standards, namely Patient and Family rights, Access to Care and Continuity of Care, Medication Management and Use and Management of Information.
  3. As officially recorded in AHMC’s 2016 Annual Report, over the period 2011 to 2016, the GROSS REVENUES of AHMC grew from P2 billion and .016 million to P2 billion and 890 million while CORE NET PROFITS AFTER TAX almost doubled, from P197 million to P379 million.


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