Building a better future for the families of Grab drivers

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In a Grab Philippines case study, nine out of 10 drivers turn over their earnings to their wives but majority of the wives don’t know how to manage their finances. This led the company to create the “Grab Misiskolar”, an extended program from the 2016 Grab Academy focused on financial literacy to empower the wives of Grab drivers in properly handling their earnings and improve the quality of their family lives, within the 12-month period ending October 2017:

  1. To teach at least 700 Grab drivers’ wives to better manage their family incomes.
  2. To create a sustainable program to help Grab Philippines’ “partners” (The Grab driver and his wife) achieve “Asenso sa Grab”.
  3. To assure Grab drivers and their wives the full support of Grab Philippines.



  1. We organized a two-day gathering in Metro Manila and Cebu and conducted livelihood trainings and workshops for all the Grab drivers’ wives, or “Misiskolars” on starting a small “negosyo” (business), and developing entrepreneurial skills. Business partner, Avon Philippines gave lectures on direct selling and handed out free starter packs to begin their “negosyante” journey.
  2. With the help of Tristan’s Ice Cream Candy, we taught them about “franchising” which encouraged them to go into the franchising and reselling. We even demonstrated how to make ice cream.
  3. Our partner UnionBank sponsored a workshop on perfume making, while Lendr sponsored a ‘No Bake Cake’ workshop. Phoenix Petroleum through Bayan Foundation gave Hilot 101 lessons. On the other hand, Blended Juice taught how to make fresh fruit juice in a bottle which can be easily made at home to sell to health-conscious consumers.
  4. We also partnered with Generika Drugstore to give the Grab drivers’ wives a  seminar on Family Planning and the importance of women’s health.
  5. In collaboration of UnionBank, Lendr, and Sun Life Philippines they gave  practical tips about money management.Teaching the attendees what domestic finance is and the ideals of spending habits.
  6. PR agency Grupo Agatep wrote and dispatched publicity to earn media coverage of the events as well as posting teasers on social media.


Furthermore, bloggers and Grab influencers were present to serve as social media correspondents by posting live updates on Facebook, Instagram and other social media channels.


As can be seen below, we exceeded all our objectives:


  1. A total of 1,150 participated in the event, 750 drivers’ wives attended the Metro Manila leg and Cebu had 400 participants.
  2. Several Grab drivers’ wives are now happily engaged in their own start-up businesses and are able to have extra income. Nonetheless, there were 173 wives who continued their direct selling business with Avon.
  3. The Misiskolars have stated positive testimonials about the campaign and are asking that this be a regular activity from Grab.
  4. We generated media coverage from the series of events worth Php3,549,712.81 in PR values.
  5. The Grab Misiskolar initiative is now a hot topic on social media with a massive 1.1 million total reach.The Misiskolar event was broadcasted live, reaching thousands of wives in Metro Manila and Cebu.The program earned a peak engagement rate of 32% and engaged with 160,000 people.
  6. Grab Drivers expressed positive feedback and said the Grab Misiskolar program improved the quality of their families’ lives.

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