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New Generations, a report released annually by animated programming provider Cartoon Network and a subsidiary of Turner Broadcasting, wanted to present the study on media consumption habits and preferences of children to the audience in an informative, engaging, and light-hearted setting, as studies like these tend to be lengthy and boring.

To get around this, Cartoon Network, with Grupo Agatep, decided to present it to relevant audiences through an educational and fun event. The goal was to make the presentation of the data as bite-sized and easy-to-digest as possible, while keeping the attendees engaged all throughout the event.



For the New Generations report, researchers from Cartoon Network collected information related to the content consumption of children by conducting a survey to 500 child-parent pairs in Greater Metro Manila area which involved children aged 4-14 years old.

For the event, the proponents focused all resources into three main efforts: event management, media management, and research presentation.


Held in February 2017, the New Generations event brought with it food, games, entertainment, a Cartoon Network-themed venue, and giveaways for its attendees—composed of media agency partners, affiliates, and a select few members of the media—to enjoy. Comprehensive yet concise presentations in form of storytelling and video clips about the studies were shown to the audience. One-on-one interviews between Turner executives and members of the media were also held during the event to provide useful information for the interviewers.


During the event, press kits were dispatched to the selected members of media who attended the event.



  1. The attendees understood the findings well just by seeing the report in audio-visual presentation format in a fun and light-hearted event.
  1. Because of activities, games, and raffle draws in between presentations, the attendees remained engaged all throughout the event. None of the attendees left before the end of the event.
  1. The interviews conducted between the media and Turner executives gave the former a better understanding of the report, which in turn allowed them to develop more informed articles about the report. Quotes from the executives were also used in the articles to support the report.
  2.  Media organizations that were present in the event all came out with an extensive feature about the report, resulting in a turnout of 100 percent and quality pick-ups over quantity.

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