Grupo Agatep CEO bags 2018 AMIC Communication Award

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In a very tight selection process, Grupo Agatep Chairman and CEO Charlie Agatep has been chosen as the AMIC Asia 2018 Communication Awardee of the Asian Media Information and Communication Center. He received the award June 8, 2018 in  a gala dinner in his honor at the Hotel Fortune Inn Valley View, Manipal, India,

The Award given to Agatep was one of the highlights of the 26th AMIC Annual Conference which was held at the Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) in Karnataka, India. The theme of this year’s AMIC conference is “Disturbing Asian Millennials: Some Creative Responses.”

“This award is especially humbling because past honorees are some of the most prominent Asian communicators”, Agatep said. “Joining this incredible roster of communication scholars and experts is a recognition of my life’s work and greatest passion. I will be forever grateful to AMIC for choosing me as this year’s honoree.”

For more than a decade AMIC has been recognizing individuals from all over Asia for the work they do in the field of communication and media development. Agatep is the latest addition to AMIC’s previous roster of awardees including Dr. John Lent, Prof. Eddie C. Y. Kuo, Dr. Nora Quebral, Dr. Florangel Rosario- Braid, Dr. Binod Agrawal, Dr. K. E. Eapen, Dr. Hidetoshi Kato, Dr. Georgette Wang, Dr. Crispin Maslog, Tan Sri Dato’ L. Krishnan, Dr. Alwi Dahlan, Mr. Jakob Oetama, Dr. Shelton Gunaratne, Mr. Wijayananda Jayaweera, Mr. Juan L. Mercado, Dr. Alan Hancock, and Dr. David Robie.

Before receiving the AMIC Communication Award, Agatep has already been recognized by local and international award-giving bodies.  In 2006, he was named the ‘PR Professional of the Year’ by the Asia Pacific PR Awards in Hong Kong. That same year, he was also given the Communication Excellence in Organizations (CEO Excel) Award by the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC). Just last year, Charlie Agatep received the Gawad Panday, the highest award given to a PR practitioner by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP).

Agatep has also authored a book designed for PR professionals and students entitled “Winning the Anvils.” The book, which contains Anvil Award-winning case studies, showcases Agatep’s excellence in PR and shares tips on how to make PR campaigns that make a lasting impact on the lives of its target publics. The book is an outcome of the record breaking 145 Anvils which Agatep has won since 1972.

Agatep, known as the Philippines’ “PR Guru” , is a communication icon in the Philippines. In 1988 he established Agatep Associates Inc., now known as Grupo Agatep, an integrated marketing communication agency that develops consumer marketing and public relations campaigns for a variety of brands. With 30 years of operating experience, Grupo Agatep tells compelling stories on traditional and digital media to sell ideas, products and services, and to build, enhance and protect brand reputations.

Ria Lontoc

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Just like Belle (in Beauty and the Beast), this Laguna-born Letran alumna and Communication Arts degree holder yearns for her “great, wide, somewhere” to make a name for herself. This certain resilience is what made Ria land in Grupo Agatep as an Account Executive–to pursue her desire to thrive in the PR industry.

Extroverted as she may seem, Ria values her downtime by taking comfort in music, books, movies and series, and spending time with her dogs back home. In spite of her being a newbie in the city, Ria is very adaptable to change, learning and enjoying how to live independently.

Ria is an open book, but you have to read between the lines.