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Objective: To launch the rebranding of real estate developer Landco through an AVP that aimed to share to the public the company’s newer and fresher tone and highlight Landco’s leadership role in the local real-estate industry.


Execution: The agency conceptualized and produced an AVP with Landco’s new logo and revealed it at Landco’s rebrand launch event where stakeholders and employees enjoyed an all-white party at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

The AVP showcased Landco’s legacy and the best of all its properties have to offer but in a newer, fresher, and younger vibe.

Agency came up with a storyboard that showcased everything that Landco has to offer. To further build on this new tone, the video was accentuated with snippets that showed the advantage of living in a Landco property.


Results: The AVP was well received during the launch event and was also consequently shown during their pocket trade and sales events/activities. Feedback received from Landco employees and stakeholders were overwhelmingly positive. They said that the video succeeded in  exciting them about their company’s rebranding. Through the AVP, we were also able to achieve the goal of modernizing and updating the image of Landco to the public (as supported by feedback received from Landco guests who attended the event as well as from prospective buyers who saw the AVP through the succeeding activities)

The entire Landco rebranding efforts received a total of 215,373.4 in ad value and 1,758,362.8 in PR value.


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