The Launching of Emirates’ Circular Flight

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Early this year (2016), the government granted Emirates Airline a third daily flight to the Philippines in order to respond to the need for more flights between the two countries. The third flight is called the Dubai-Cebu-Clark-Dubai circular service.

  1. The launch was aimed to introduce Emirates’ new circular Dubai-Cebu-Clark-Dubai flight to travel agents, distinguished guests, government officials, members of the media, and Emirates’ loyal customers in a most lavish and remarkable way;
  2. To mark the momentous occasion which would be a part of the Philippines’ and Emirates’ joint history.
  3. To communicate Emirates’ long haul commitment to the development of the Philippines’ tourism and trade.
  4. To create a high-end event experience with a meaningful brand showcase and Emirates executive presence highlighting key messages.
  5. To ensure all guests leave with a positive, memorable impression of Emirates.



To create maximum buzz about this new flight service that would provide convenience for Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao travelers, Emirates Airline launched two marketing PR events:

These events were done meticulously and separately in Cebu and Clark. Organized by Emirates and Grupo Agatep, the two launch festivities climaxed in March with the arrival of a Boeing 777-300ER at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport amidst the traditional water cannon salute.

To commemorate the historic occasion, distinguished guests included executives of Emirates Airlines,  DOTC Secretary Jun Abaya, DOT Secretary R. Jimenez, the Philippines Consul General H.E. Paul Raymund Cortes, and H.E. Moosa Abdulwahid Alkhajah, Ambassador of the UAE .



Emirates successfully launched its circular service to local and international VIPs from government and business organizations. Maintaining a good relationship with players in the government and business sectors are important to Emirates.

The guests’ experience during the three events weren’t enough to ensure that guests will leave with a positive impression of the brand. To achieve this, even months after the launch has ended, Emirates gave away premium branded merchandise such as the leather travel wallets and the leather philately travel set. These gifts were designed to remind guests of their pleasant experience with the brand during the launch of the circular service every time they pull out their wallet. A long-lasting impression, indeed.


PHINMA Reaches Out

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Filipino-owned PHINMA Corporation turned 60 this year. Consistent with its mission to improve the quality of life, the PHINMA Group began its celebration of their 60th anniversary with PHINMA REACHES OUT. The program was to project the PHINMA group as a brand that is committed to improve the quality of life and help bring about the economic progress of the Philippines, inculcate among its employees the brand’s values of integrity, volunteerism, competence, and corporate social responsibility and demonstrate the magnitude of PHINMA’s CSR programs and the inspiring volunteerism of its employees.

PHINMA Reaches Out (3)


A one-day nationwide simultaneous event was held called “PHINMA Reaches Out.” The title of the event speaks eloquently on what the activity was  about. Despite the difficulty in conducting the event simultaneously among 28 PHINMA businesses, the PHINMA Group pulled it off by tapping 28 of their partners including PHINMA Education, Trans-Asia Oil & Energy Development, Microtel by Wyndham, Union Galvasteel, PHINMA Properties, T.O. Insurance Brokers Inc., and Fuld + Company among others which had a total of 1,210 participating employees and a total of 1,919 volunteers including non-PHINMA members held at 38 sites.

To better maximize exposure of the PHINMA REACHES OUT event in all media platforms – TV, radio, newspaper, online and social media – the Grupo Agatep PR agency invited relevant media outlets and assigned them to cover different activities during the day. PHINMA also invited people to participate in sharing the news to everyone by posting photos for a photo essay contest that garnered hundreds of reactions.

From early dawn of August 12, 2016, the PHINMA Group and its 1,919 employee volunteers from different locations undertook reforestation programs, coastal clean ups, house building, storytelling, gardening, house painting, nipa seedling planting, mangrove planting, park clean-up, traffic assistance, and medical missions including dental check-ups and blood donations.

PHINMA Reaches Out (5)


The PHINMA REACHES OUT campaign generated media exposure of some Php7.6 million in PR values. As of September 23, 2016, there were 20 huge pickups from various media platforms reporting about the powerful and massive effort. The campaign also reached in excess of 30,000 people on Facebook from pre-event to post-event. Since several people participated in the photo essay contest, each photo gained various reactions from almost 2,000 people. Videos on Facebook, which featured the various CSR efforts in different places, also attracted a lot of social media traffic. The campaign did not only touch the lives of people in the communities, it also affected the volunteers in a good way.

A total of 1,210 employees volunteered, or collectively, a total of 1,919 volunteers that included non-PHINMA members. The campaign was also recently awarded a Gold Anvil award at the 52nd annual Anvil Awards by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines.


Grupo Agatep bags eight trophies at 2017 Anvil 

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Grupo Agatep is still the most Anvil-awarded public relations agency in the country after bringing home eight nods at  the recently concluded Anvil Awards organized by the Public Relations Society of the Philippines (PRSP) at the Makati Shangri-la Hotel, March 10.

With this year’s recognition, Grupo Agatep, the integrated marketing agency helmed by one of the most respected names in PR in the country Charlie A. Agatep, now has a total of 131 Anvil trophies collected over the years. The prestigious awarding body gave three Gold awards and five Silver awards for the PR Programs Category and PR Tools category.

The bagged metals to the considered ‘Oscars’ of the public relations profession include the following for PR Programs

for PR Tools:

The PR agency is a consistent recipient of the much coveted Anvil awards. In the past years, campaigns conceptualized and executed by the agency gained even the major awards including three Platinum awards and three Grand Anvils and other special awards.

Grupo Agatep continues to embody excellence through innovative and life-changing PR tools and programs that it helps implement with its clients. Since its founding in 1989 as an independent agency, it continued to refine and redefine the practice of public relations in the Philippines. In 2016,  this tradition of unwavering excellence and passion returned to its roots and is now known as Grupo Agatep.



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Lumina Pandit: Restoring and Preserving the Filipino People’s Identity and History

Lumina Pandit is a heritage preservation project led by the Union Bank of the Philippines (UnionBank). It aims to restore, preserve, and digitize the heritage collection of the University of Santo Tomas’ (UST) Miguel de Benavides Library and University Archives. The collection holds some 30,000 rare books and documents, including real estate transactions in the ancient baybayin script and a handwritten copy of Jose Rizal’s ‘Mi Ultimo Adios’.

Lumina 2

In 2011, UST entered into a memorandum of agreement with UnionBank to embark on an ambitious three-phase program: the conservation, digitization and publication of its rich historical collections. Not only does it cover the heritage library, but also the priceless collections contained in the Archivo de la Universidad de Santo Tomas (AUST).

In May 2015, UnionBank and UST mounted an exhibit (the second so far) where some of the restored and preserved books and documents were displayed. ‘Lumina Pandit: A Continuum’, a follow up book to ‘Lumina Pandit: A Collection of Historical Treasures’, was also released during the exhibit. These two books contain details about these cultural items that help those interested to know more about the rich Philippine culture.

Lumina 3

The three-stage project has gone from the cataloguing and digitization to the publication of rare books. So far, eight catalogs of rare books have been published—a work that began as early as the 1990s—and several of the digitized books are now available for viewing at the Digital Library of the UST. The project has also earned a Gold Anvil Award for Public Relations Programs on a Sustained Basis (Arts and Culture).

Lumina 4